Toy Wizards Review: Power Rangers in Space Astro Megazord Mini-Pla Model Kit


I was beside myself excited when I learned news that Bandai would be creating an Astro Megazord Mini-Pla model kit from Power Rangers: In Space. It would be released alongside the yellow Delta Megazord, and the two of them can combine to create the Astro-Delta Megazord. While I don’t get the warm and mushies from the Delta Megazord, I’m so in love with the Astro. It’s the Soundwave of the Power Rangers world, right down to the chest piece that looks like a cassette deck.

And let me tell you– this thing was a chore to get.

Astro Megazord OR Delta Megazord

I didn’t see it at conventions, though I know it was hiding at the Bluefin Brands booth. I wasn’t able to order it online through the Bluefin site or online toy stores. I really thought I’d missed the mark on this one, until I received a tip that it was hiding at Barnes and Noble. Which was right! It was there among the stacks of other Bandai and Flame Toys model kits.

The only other Power Rangers model kit I’ve put together was the Dragonzord Mini-Pla. That kit was extremely easy and a lot of fun to put together– it probably took me about two hours. But here’s the thing about the Astro Megazord; it’s transformable. It can be built in its default ship form, which can then be morphed into the robot.

Maybe I’m on drugs here, but does anyone actually want the ship? I’m extremely confused. Who wants a blue disk when you can have one of the most mindblowingly awesome Megazords in Power Rangers history? It didn’t make sense. And really, considering the large parts  on this kit, it really should have been a 2-3 hour experience. However, the instructions were garbage…and it ended up being outside of my skill set at the time. Which really, was a very embarrassing experience.

As for the build upon completion, the Astro Megazord is stunning. I would give it 4.5 Wizards Stars for that alone. But due to the convoluted instructions and unclear moments I had with it, I need to scale the overall experience down to 3 Wizards Stars. Which sucks. I love this damn model kit.

You can still order this model kit from Barnes and Noble for $41.99, but they will choose at random whether you get the Astro or the Delta Megazord. Not a risk or gamble I’m willing to take, but I’ve seen it still hanging out inside the stores.


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