Toy Wizards Review: Star Wars Black Series Archive Anakin Skywalker

At last! My Anakin Skywalker arrived from Hasbro Pulse and I got the chance to review him. You can get your own from the retailer of your choosing, and the MSRP is $19.99.


This action figure is great. Anakin stands 6 inches tall and comes with one weapon (light saber) and alternate head (moodier). The paint application is perfect, and the sculpt really does look like Hayden Christensen. I’ve always maintained the Hayden was a terrific casting choice for Anakin, but his dialogue and direction was hot trash.

Anyway, that aside.


One of the things I love about this figure is the way the fabric bends and folds. Both the plastic molding that emulates fabric and the actual kisses of fabric itself. For its price point, it’s better than good– it really is an amazing piece. The articulation and poseability is like 100%. Anything you want to do with this figure, you can. You’re only limited by your imagination and creativity.

I really like the Star Wars Black Series Archive figures. Hasbro released a Yoda and Darth Maul (whose paint on the face wasn’t quite what I’d hope for) and I hope they continue with this sort of “Greatest Hits” series of toys. The Black Series is weird for collectors, because they all cost $20 and then half of them end up on discount. It’s not that you have to collect for the sake of  collectibility, but that’s Star Wars for you right now. Some pieces are Goliath mega collectibles and other are just weird trash pieces that they can’t get rid of for $2. But this one is a repackaging of an original 2014 release and I think they did it right. I even love the card and bubble packaging, which to me makes it both stand out and makes it more like a toy that I’m ready to open and play with.

But be careful with the high ground, because Anakin hates sand.


Again though, I love Anakin Skywalker. I love this action figure. I want a Darth Sidious figure so I can make my “Oh, they’re just so dark and evil together” toy fantasies come true.

I give the Star Wars Black Series Archive Anakin Skywalker figure 4.5/5 Wizard Stars.


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