Toy Wizards Review: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lord Zedd

It may seem like we Toy Wizards are late in the article review for Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lord Zedd, but a figure this difficult to find (and amazingly beautiful) needs to be celebrated.

Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 2 is on its way, but to this day, I’ve personally never seen the Lord Zedd in the store. Therefore, it’s time to share our video review again and show off that I personally finally received one. Even still, my preorder from BBTS hasn’t showed up yet. However, Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lord Zedd is still available for preorder now.

But let’s take a look at this toy.


As we said in the video, these are Power Rangers toys built on the Marvel Legends engine. The Rangers come with alternate heads so you can have the civilian face or the helmet, but with Lord Zedd, something this majestic needs no other face.

Although a kippa for this Jewish prince of Darkness would be nice.

Yes, you remember his wedding to Rita– Lord Zedd is Jewish.

The articulation is a little tight and the feet are funny, so therefore he can’t stand correctly. Each toy a little unique in their tight areas. For me with my Lightning Red Dino Charge toy, I was unable to get the knees to bend. For Lord Zedd, the feet are a little troublesome.


But ultimately, it’s the best looking Lord Zedd on the market. You can see it side by side here with the original mid-90s vintage Lord Zedd and they are just completely incomparable beasts. The colors are different, the original Z-staff is just so cheap looking, and the chest armor and hands are off model.

Although OG Zedd is rocking those Mortal Kombat thighs.

For the way the new Lightning Collection Zedd looks, we will give it 4/5 Wizard Stars. But for the poseability and articulation, it might be more like 3.5 in that direction, but this sucker will still overall get that solid because come on– if Tommy Oliver is Power Rangers Obi Wan, Lord Zedd is Darth Vader.


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