LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 19 Revealed

LEGO has been doing the Minifigure series for years now. I have been there since day one– seriously, day one at the Glendale LEGO Store. With the announcement of Series 19 I am excited, like excited in a way that I have not been about LEGO Minifiures in some time. They have a impressive list this year for the 16 figures in this wave. That is also the limit of how many you can buy at the LEGO store starting September 1st when these new pieces get released.

I will talk about a couple of them and then show you the whole line.

Monkey King! 

Wow a real life or real LEGO life Monkey King this will got great with all of your fantasy environments and not to mention give you some inspiration for making some of his pals as well. He can’t do it all on his own. If you don’t know The monkey King Sun Wokong is the main character in the 16th century Chinese classical novel Journey to the West.


Phantasmic Knight

Ghost Knight is here and damn is he cool. Give me an entire series of these guys and I will be buying LEGO every week again. Seriously man, give it to me. He comes with the Version 2 knight helm with clear elements on the top of the helmet and sword. Blue green head and hand and a updated Fright Knights shield.



Holy crap Blacktron and it looks cool as ice black ice. It has a classic tri-yellow Blactron emblem on the check with added armor details shoulder pads and a new helmet. You have me– when I saw this I exclaimed the war cry of the nerd out loud and shook like a muppet. I am at the LEGO store September 1st to feel my way for these guys.


Other mentions on this line are the extra animals Wiener dog, chameleon, and Flamingo. Not to mention I will also need a Coder Girl, Pizza guy, and Bride of the Mummy.  Here is the whole line; enjoy and see you at the LEGO store.

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