Rare Double Zeta Gundam Dom comes to P-Bandai

The MS-09H Dwadge Custom is a mobile suit in the Gundam Series Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. This Mobile Suit is piloted by Desert Rommel. This is a Dom variant and a cool one at that. When ever a Zeon is in red you know its cool.  Kits like this are unbelievable that we get to have them today.

Back in the great days of Hobby Japan or Model Graphix you would see something like this but pages into the build you find out it was a super insane conversion or worse a full scratch build. You had to just give up hoping it was a resin kit and drool over the pages. Now today as a P-Bandai kit it will be a little harder to get but well worth the extra effort dreams do come true.



Name – MG 1/100 Dwadge Kai

Production – P-Bandai

When- November 2019

Cost – 6050 Yen


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