Kidslogic Opens Preorders on Robotech 1/8 Valkyrie VF-1S, Mechanical Bust Statue

The Robotech Mechanical Bust Statue series retains the legacy of Kids Logic’s meticulous sculpting technique plus the new technology we invented during the design of the spectacular VF-1J Cockpit Diorama Stereo System, the tech is called “Optical Fiber Diffraction technology” (OFDT), it is benefiting on the art of the lighting so that the LED lights would neither overly brighten nor too scattered, the quality of light becoming very realistic and similar to those described in the original animation.

In order to maintain the originality, engineers applied the costly “Touch Sensor Switch” for the series, they are hidden in a specific spot and cannot be visually discovered, no weird looking switches perfecting in visual integrity of the entire art piece.

It is available for preorder now from Kidslogic for $229. The release date is not specified, even though it states Q1 of 2019. You can also check out out and preorder on BigBadToyStore and see the other Kidslogic Valkyrie busts they have available if you’re more comfortable ordering from the states.


  • Dimension: 12 (W) X 18 (L) X 28 cm (H: Base to Antenna)
  • Weight: 1.30 kg
  • Light-Up Function: 2 X Regular LED, 2 X Flash LED
  • Material: Poylstone, Resin, PVC, Metal Parts
  • Movable parts: Movable Antenna, Movable Neck
  • Detail Painting: Metallic Painting Effect, Weathering Effect
  • Battery: 3 X AAA Battery



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