Toy Wizards Review: Nemesis Prime (IDW Ver) Transformers Flame Toys Furai Model Kit

Toy Wizards would like to thank Bluefin Brands for providing us with a review sample of the Nemesis Prime (IDW Ver) Transformers Flame Toys Furai Model Kit to review. This item is in stock and ready to ship– you can purchase your own for direct from Bluefin Brands for $40.00 right here!

You can check out Toy Wizards’ video review of the Nemesis Prime (IDW Ver) Transformers Flame Toys Furai Model Kit by clicking below!


Nemesis Prime (IDW Ver) Transformers Flame Toys Furai Model Kit:

The biggest question for me once receiving the SDCC Exclusive Nemesis Prime model kit was this: Are there improvements from the Flame Toys Bumblebee model kit that I put together last month? The long and short answer is, yes! However, there were still some issues with it that overall caused me to give this kit a B Rating, but that is progress from Bumblebee who I think received a B- from me.

Total build time: 3 hours + 30 minutes to apply stickers with a toothpick. The stickers were really well designed, lifted from the paper without a problem, and everywhere the stickers went was clearly marked.

One thing about these Transformers kits from Flame Toys that is significantly different from, let’s say, Gundam Model Kits from Bandai is the sheer size of the pieces. Some of those Gundam pieces are just so tiny that your sweaty, shaking hand can’t put them together without tweezers. With these kits, the pieces really are nice and big, I think with Bumblebee I needed tweezers for 1-2 pieces, and for Nemesis Prime, I didn’t need any.

I did however experience once little mishap, and that was when I was snapping in the red headlights for Prime’s chest. They really didn’t fit nicely, and the little tabs on the bottom part, which is supposed to accent and highlight part of his chest snapped off for me.

Behold the gaping mouth of failure.

Also, in spite of me trying really hard not to mix up the legs, I did. That’s my own fault, not the model kit’s, obviously. But I will say this– the fact that I had to undo the legs, snap them back together and flip them around, and I still managed not to break any parts says a lot about the quality of this kit. It took a beating.

That said…

The arms on this kit were completely flimsy. I don’t know what happened during the build, but once these suckers were on and put together there is 100% no way I could pose the arms or get Prime to hold his weapon. On that note, the articulation issues I had with Bumblebee were completely solved. With Bumblebee, he was toted to have 50 points of articulation, but in reality, he didn’t move. With Nemesis Prime, all of the articulation in the legs and hips was flawless. It moves and poses exactly how it needs to.

The weapons came together very easily and looked great. For a $40 model kit, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. The Nemesis Prime model kit is one that Flame Toys touts as another beginner kit, and this time, I agree with them. While there were two spots where the (very clear and easy to read directions) say you can glue, I really didn’t have to. Everything stayed in place once snapped in, and everything looked super clean and correct once put together. Because of how dark this piece is, I didn’t bother taking Gundam Markers to it, and just kind of let it hang out the way it is.

So, while my Nemesis Prime might be forever stuck in a sort of ‘Michael Jackson pose’, I still think this kit is a lot of fun. With its sturdy, large, easy to handle pieces it really is a great option for someone just getting into kits, instead of opening an ‘accidentally way too difficult Bandai kit’ and crying because they don’t know what they got themselves into.

Hey, we have to build up to those kits, you know?!

I definitely recommend the Nemesis Prime– it’s cool looking and a lot of fun. Old issues were for the most part fixed and at 3 hours, it was relaxing and I enjoyed myself.


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