Hasbro Shows Off New and Amazing Transformers Toys at San Diego Comic-Con

At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, there was no end to the number of breathtaking and incredible booths. And us being the Toy Wizards we are, our focus at SDCC was on the TOYS. And really, you can’t say toys without seeing everything Hasbro has to offer about Transformers.

This year at SDCC, there were tons of Transformers announcements and reveals, almost more than we could cover. But the highlight in everyone’s eyes was the gigantic 27″ Unicron that is currently being crowdfunded on Hasbro Pulse.


If Hasbro can find 8,000 loyal fans to back this beautiful creation, each pledging $575, the world will know the majesty, thunder, and splendor of this amazing creature. We got together with Transformers toy designer John Warden to talk about the Unicron and why everyone needs to buy one now.


But the Unicron aside, there was plenty more to see at the Hasbro booth in regard to Transformers. We spoke briefly with Drew from Wizards of the Coast to learn more about the Transformers Collectible Trading Card Game, which comes complete with its G1 packaging.


Drew informed us that it’s not only the incredible legacy left by Transformers and its 35 year history, but also the new burst in popularity of tabletop gaming and card games, like Magic the Gathering. Digital media, being as prevalent as it is, is what’s making tabletop gaming so popular again, especially if you see someone you don’t know with Transformers cards, you know you have that instant connection. They are also putting out the convention pack, which pays homage to the robot pack mail away model by including the Omnibots. We all know those were the first exclusives that existed so it’s nice to see these characters getting some love.

Swoon and faint

We also spoke with Ben from Hasbro to talk more toys. I had to ask him about that G1 Soundwave we’re all waiting for and he confirmed that Soundwave is coming to Walmart this fall. Sooner than we realize and it’s almost here!


The three pack of cassettes are currently available for preorder from Hasbro Pulse and they are absolutely spectacular.

I’d asked Ben if the success of the Bumblee movie last year is helping to shape the future toy designs for Transformers, and he confirmed that it absolutely does. The film introduced new characters and reaffirmed that their toys aren’t just pieces of plastic and metal– these are legitimate characters with heart. It’s not just about the transforming element of the toy, but now these are fleshed out characters with heart.

Ben says one of the things he loves most are when a parent and the kid come to the booth together and each get something different out of the booth. One parent might be drooling over Unicron while the kid is excited over Bumblebee or the Rescue Bots, but they’re still experiencing it together.

Plus…those mysterious Seekers that caused all the trouble? Yeah, they were on display too.

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