Sideshow Collectibles and Mighty Jaxx Reveal An Adorable (and Very Hungry) Vinyl Godzilla

There’s a secret out there in pop culture right now, and it tells toy makers that if you take Godzilla, make him so irresistibly squishy cute and adorable, the masses will lose their minds. Well, it worked. Nice job, Mighty Jaxx.

This 7.5 inch vinyl Godzilla is one hungry little stinker. He’s going to hold that ramen bowl, use those electricity poles like chop sticks, and give you a piece of his mind by stomping you once he’s finished slurping his noodles.

This art piece vinyl toy has an MSRP of $150, will show up Fall 2019, and can be preordered now. Get yours, before this hungry King of the Monsters moves on to dessert.


Imagine you’re a Kaiju sitting along the streets after a long hard day of destruction, slurping down a bowl of warm delicious ramen! Reminisce the destruction of cities and an ever-increasing kill count, replay the chorus of screams and cries as you garnish your noodles with the roofs of sky scrappers that once towered over the horizon. Take a sip of the delicious broth that warms your belly for there is no better reward than a steaming hot bowl of ramen. Let out a hearty roar, after all, there’s no ramen like Kaiju’s Ramen!

Designed by Ilustrata, Kaiju’s Ramen brings together their love of Japanese food and Kaijus, “It’s quite funny to imagine these giant creatures doing other things when they aren’t destroying the city.”

Mighty Jaxx
Vinyl Collectible


The Kaiju’s Ramen Vinyl Collectible features:

  • 7.5″ tall


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