Medicom Toy Shows Off New Line of Peanuts and Snoopy PVC Toys

Did you miss SDCC and haven’t been able to get Super7’s amazing line of Peanuts ReAction figures and Keshi yet? Can’t wait for August to get your set, which are available for preorder from BigBadToyStore now?

No worries– Japanese toy manufacturer Medicom Toy has got you covered with their newest wave of amazingly adorable (and delightfully affordable) Peanuts vinyl figures.


Including…yes. Charlie Brown as camp president, SACK.

For those unaware, the Peanuts franchise is explosively popular in Japan, and you can find all sorts of merchandise with the characters on it that you can’t find in the states. However, over in Japan, Charlie Brown and the gang are referred to as Snoopy and Friends, which one, isn’t that much of a surprise. And second, shows where the focus is.

However, between BigBadToyStore and HobbyLinkJapan, you’ll be able to buy and preorder all the Peanuts toys currently on the market:


BBTS: UDF Series 10 Charlie Brown and Snoopy (3.5 Inches): $14.99 (Oct 2019)



BBTS: UDF Series 10 Astronaut Charlie Brown (4.4 Inches): $16.99 (Oct 2019)



BBTS: UDF Series 10 Sack For President Charlie Brown (3.74 Inches): $13.99 (Oct 2019)


HLJ Snoopy Astro.jpg

HLJ: UDF Series 10 Astronaut Snoopy (3.5 Inches): $9.31 (Sept 2019)



HLJ: Charlie Brown and Snoopy: IN STOCK $11.63


HLJ Snoopy.jpg

HLJ: Vinyl Snoopy (5 inches) IN STOCK $53.42


HLJ Belle.jpg

HLJ: Vinyl Belle (6 Inches): IN STOCK: $47.79


And just to be teases and show off how amazing Medicom Toy’s other Peanuts toys are, we’re going to show you a small gallery of Out of Stock, unavailable toys to show off the importance of snagging a toy the moment you learn of their existence.

Too flippin’ cute. I want them all!

Do you have any Peanuts in your collection? What’s your most interesting Peanuts piece? Tell Toy Wizards about it in the comments and get the conversation going!


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  1. I love the Peanuts and I noticed a while ago that they are big in Japan. They even have toys there of Snoopy’s siblings that were rarely (if ever) see in the US! I only a have a few Peanuts things, but I enjoy looking at the m all. Belle is a favorite of mine, merchandise-wise. 🙂

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