Dumpster Fire Toy Creator Promises To Create New Non-Exclusive Variant Versions After SDCC

Weren’t able to get one of the 60 San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Dumpster Fire toy exclusives everyone has been freaking out about? Never fear, darling cynics, for today, Truck Torrance, owner of 100% Soft made an announcement on his Instagram that all of us, or at least many more of us, will in fact be able to own this amazing, adorable, socially aware resin toy.

UPDATE: After several days of blood, sweat, and tears, Toy Wizards were able to acquire one of these awesome toys!

Screenshot 2019-07-19 23.42.35.png

Comic-Con friends: the response to the Dumpster Fire toy has been OVERWHELMING to say the least. I guess it’s pretty on brand that trying to acquire the Dumpster Fire toy has been like an actual dumpster fire. If you tried to get the toy and have not been able to, I’m really, truly sorry! We were not expecting the response we’ve had and I wish I had enough for everyone but there’s literally only 60 of these available so we have been trying to figure out ways to accommodate with such a small supply. If you are trying to get the toy Saturday or Sunday here’s the situation: we are making 10 available each morning when the exhibit hall opens. We are not allowing exhibitors to purchase them since we’d like everyone to have a fair shot.

The good news is, Comic-con isn’t the only time you’ll be able to get these. I’ll be making more variants and color ways soon, which will be available online for everyone to enjoy!

Again, thank you and if you’ve braved the lines and come up empty handed I’m so sorry, we definitely don’t want you bummed out. it’s been really wild to see the response to these. – Truck


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