Transformers Rainmakers Are Leaked On eBay Pre-San Diego Comic-Con

Looks like something got out a little early. An eBay listing from user orange.and.oak closed recently at $175.99. It is not known how this got out early, but that always happens. One would assume we would see them at SDCC this week, like a “First to Market” sneak peek. Hasbro is famous for showing off new product in a display case at SDCC. While these items are not for sale, it does let us know that the famous seekers known as the Rainmakers are getting their own three pack.

This makes me so happy the Rainmakers where seen on the old G1 Transformers series and where known as Shockwaves person subordinates compared to megatons seekers Starscream, Thundercraker, and Skywarp. Shockwaves seekers are Acid Storm, Ion Storm and Nova Storm. I loved these characters and always wanted more of the other seekers this release; the Redwing out means a resurgence of Seekers for the Siege of Cybertron series and I am all for it.

Here are the Rainmakers in their classic G1 animation look:

And here is the new three pack. We will update you when we know how and where you can get it not on Evilbay.

Pictures credit to eBay user orange.and.oak


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