Breaking News: Transformers Soundwave G1 Reissue Available At Walmart in Canada

Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior.

Cries and screams are music to my ears.


And this Transformers G1 Soundwave reissue…the one we’ve been reporting on since January 2019…is finally almost here.


In breaking toy news, Transformers fans and toy collectors have begun reporting that the long-awaited Decepticon G1 reissue has been spotted at Walmart in Calgary, Alberta Canada. It has an MSRP of $69.70 CAD ($54 USD)

Toy Wizards was not able to find a listing on as of this writing. From the last tip we received, Walmart was clearing out inventory for a huge sweep of their toy aisle in June. Because of this, we thought that perhaps the Soundwave action figure would finally be available for purchase. While we are unfortunately still waiting, we know from the Ecto-Tron Ghostbusters/Transformers mashup that once we start seeing product on Canadian shelves, it’s typically about two to three weeks away from showing up on US shelves.

Or at least, this is how the model functions at Walmart, it seems.

Good luck and happy collecting!

Credit to TF2005 member DesertDog for the find and photo!


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