MegaHouse Reveals New Madö King Granzört Mini Figures

For the uninitiated, let me introduce you to the majesty that is Mado King Granzort:

You’re welcome.

Here’s the plot if you want to know more:

In 2050, the moon was mysteriously terraformed after a great earthquake. Fifty years later, the moon is now populated with humans and has become a popular tourist destination. After a boy named Daichi arrives on the moon for summer vacation, he accidentally meets an old witch, V-Mei, and her granddaughter Guri Guri. Both of them are members of the endangered Long-Ears race, currently at war with the evil Jadou Clan, who are also planning to take over Earth. V-Mei gives a magic gun to Daichi and reveals that he is the chosen Madou Warrior destined to save the Long-Ears race and their land Rabiluna from the Jadou Clan.

With the magic gun, Daichi can summon Granzort, a giant robot called a Madou King with the elemental power of Earth, to fight against the monsters of the Jadou Clan. During their travels, Daichi, V-Mei, and Guru Guri are later joined by two other Madou Warriors, Gus and Rabi. Gus’s magic bow summons Winzart, the Madou King of Wind, while Rabi’s magic top summons Aquabeat, the Madou King of Water.

I’m always saying that the late 80s through the mid-90s were the most amazing time for fantasy mecha anime. Seriously, something about these two genres just blended awkwardly until it felt natural again, and Granzort is no exception. I could just listen to this song on loop for a while. But not forever– that’s just hyperbole.

This new Granzort figure is available for preorder now from HobbyLink Japan. It can be yours for $37 and will be released November, 2019.

Fans of “Mado King Granzort” will absolutely want to get their hands on this brand new line of variable action mini figures. This mini figure of Granzort stands approximately 11 centimeters tall, and is equipped with moveable limbs which allows for recreating dynamic, action filled poses. With magnets being used to secure the figure to the base, this mini figure can even stand on one foot without tipping. Add this cool mini figure to your collection today!


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