Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit 01 Revision Figure is On It’s Way From Medicom

Coming soon from Medicom is a newly painted version of the Real Action Heroes NEO Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type figure! In response to an overwhelming number of requests, Medicom has decided to release a whole-body recoloring of the EVA-01. The mouth can open and close and the head is on a movable joint. The EVA-01’s main weapon, knives, and rifles are included along with a detachable cable cord. The hatch in the back armor can be open and closed. Various wrist replacement parts are included along with an articulated stand for extra posing possibilities.

Just in time for Shinji not to run away, right?

This insanely gorgeous and monster sized Evangelion is 39cm, or 15.6 inches. It will ship November, 2019 and has an MSRP of $262. You can order yours today from HobbyLink Japan.

[Set Contents]:

  • Main figure
  • Knife
  • Palette rifle
  • Umbilical cable cord
  • Entry plug
  • Replacement wrist parts
  • Articulated stand


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