Marvel’s Collector and Grandmaster Two Pack SDCC Exclusive

The Collector and Grandmaster Two pack has been announced as yet another SDCC Exclusive. Both guys are cosmic elders of the universe in Marvel lore. The Grandmaster is a master of games and often forces heroes and villains to fight for his amusement. The Collector collects things…and that’s it. Both are great figures, but this two pack is a little underwhelming. The Grandmaster comes with the stick to turn people in to blue goo. Then, the Collector comes with a sunglasses head and container for holding a soul stone. The packages show Cosmo and a Thor seat, but both are just cardboard inserts so don’t get excited.

Looks to cost $49.99 and will be available after San Diego Comic-Con on Hasbro Pulse if you really have to get that blue goo.



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