Medicom Teases New Michael Jordan MAFEX Action Figure

Making its round across the internet this past weekend were new images of Medicom’s new Michael Jordan action figure, from his time as a megastar player in the Chicago Bulls.


Medicom MAFEX action figures are from Japan, and they are typically in the $60-$70 range. I have to ask, in sort of tongue in cheek fashion, on whether or not this action figure will be in the ten inch range because of how tall Michael Jordan is. So if a Batman action figure is 6-7 inches, a Michael Jordan has to be like, 9-10 right? I mean, fair is fair if we want a to-scale version of him.

90s kids will know that back in the day, Michael Jordan wasn’t only a basketball player, but the dude was a damn social icon. He was a super hero to so many kids when he played for the Bulls. Actor, athlete, sex symbol, and heck yeah, you remember that ‘They’re Hanes– let’s just leave it at that” underwear commercial with those two gaping-mouthed women ogling dudes for a glimpse of their chonies.

Currently, this piece isn’t available for preorder, but Toy Wizards will update as new information arises.


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