Fresh Sephiroth Action Figure Leaves a New Generation of Fans Drooling

Coming October 2019 with an MSRP of $81 is a spanking new Sephiroth figure. The agreed upon ‘sexiest video game boss of all time’ and one-winged angel himself returns in action figure form just in time for the Final Fantasy VII remake that will come out eventually, really, it will, Square Enix promises. You can preorder the figure today from HobbyLink Japan.

Standing over 7 inches tall, the one-winged angel of “Final Fantasy VII” fame joins the Bring Arts lineup in his winged “Kingdom Hearts” form! Complementing the previously-released “Another Form” Cloud, Sephiroth’s feathery wing looms out of his right shoulder, the opposite of the bat wing on rival Cloud’s left. Along with a variety of articulation points, the optional hand parts and Masamune can be used to recreate a number of dynamic poses from the games. You can even display him without his wing!

But wait, we’re not done.

Man, do you remember when the world had Sephiroth fever? I mean yes, everyone loves Final Fantasy VII, and its universe and story has been expanded upon many, many times. Advent Children was great, and we got to spend over an hour watching the gripping narrative and the tension between Cloud and Sephiroth. I remember in the early days of America Online chatrooms, there was at least 1-3 people with the Sephiroth_69 style screen name asking me for my A/S/L. All day, Sephiroth. He taught a generation of fan boys how to be a mysterious bishonen, a bonafide Phantom of the Opera in video game form, and made sure we all knew that evil could be sexy.

Wait, maybe that’s not a good lesson after all.



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