Bandai Reveals Digimon Digital Monsters WarGreymon Amplified

Digimon, digital monsters! Going to empty you bank account!

WarGreymon gets his Figure-rise treatment with this new release. Not a lot is revealed yet, but some great pictures have shown up that are making me toss my money at the screen, to no effect. It will be a Figure-rise Standard and we finally got colored pictures of the prototype.

This amplified version of WarGreymon has moving claws and shield wings. Not much is really needed to be said on this, other than sold sold sold give it to me now. Who doesn’t love WarGreymon, and this looks to be an great addition into your Digital Monsters collection; glad to see this franchise continuing to get some love.

Manufacture Bandai Spirits

Cost 4320 Yen

Release date 10/2019



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