DC Collectibles Opens Preorders on Enormous Life-Sized Harley Quinn

Talk about an expensive date. How does $5,499.99 sound?

Shipping in January 2020 and available for preorder now comes a 1:1 scale Harley Quinn statue from DC Collectibles. 1:1 ratio seems a little off though– I’m personally 5’8 and acknowledge that many people are not 5’6, which is how much Harley Quinn you’re getting with this astronomical purchase.

I think this statue would look so cool in the entry way of  comic book store, those old Warner Bros. stores in the mall, in a convention booth or set up. Although if you’re a collector and you have this beautifully lit collection room with glass cases everywhere, and your guests are greeted by this Harley Quinn statue, that’d be pretty badass too.

From BigBadToyStore’s Website:

This is the ultimate Harley Quinn collectible, a full sized 1:1 scale statue of the Clown Princess of Crime herself! From DC Collectibles Harley is wearing her iconic, Bruce Timm style red, black, and white costume. The Harley Quinn Life-Size statue is a limited-quantity showpiece that is a must-have for any Harley fan or Batman collector. Don’t miss your chance to snag everyone’s favorite harlequin for your home collection! Harley measures 68 inches tall (5’6″) and is made from fiberglass resin.


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