Diamond Select Toys Rolls Out Some Of The First ‘It: Chapter 2’ Pennywise Toys

Though unfortunately, in Diamond Select Toys Mini, Chibi, or Super Deformed tradition, they’re pretty unattractive pieces.


I don’t know what it is with Diamond Select Toys and their stylized small toys. While this Pennywise the Close is from their D-Formz line, every time I see one of their Vinimates figures, I want to cry. They have all of these amazing licenses, and that line (with the exception of their Iron Giant, which just works and has a place in the robot family on my desk) is just so woefully unattractive.

I’ll share a story:

One day, Diamond Select Toys sent cases of Vinimates to a colleague of mine who owns a small media company as promotional material for a convention. Said friend, knowing that I am a toy collector and toy journalist, called me over to dive through these cases and take what I wanted. I sped over there, not knowing they were cases of Vinimates. I tore through stacks and stacks of boxes with figures from about six different franchises; Beetlejuice, Aliens, Ghostbusters, Iron Giant, and more. I’m not kidding when I say I was so bummed looking at those toys that I walked away a sad and empty-handed collector.

Now, going back to Pennywise the Clown up there, let’s examine what is happening. Well, one exciting aspect is that this is some of the first toy product I’ve seen explicitly marked IT: Chapter 2. While some of you out there might be rolling your eyes and saying ‘Ugh, another Pennywise toy’, I think it’s cool to see what might be newly designed P-Dub (short for Pennywise, roll with it) product on the shelf. Who knows what that murder clown might be up to in the second act!

If you’re a fan of the D-Formz Pennywise here, you can preorder the 2-pack from BigBadToyStore for $13.99. Yes, that’s $13.99 for two 3-inch figures. Due out in November 2019, that’s a combined six inches of clown fun, and…

You know what…

I’ll be garbage personing over here in the sewer.


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