Flame Toys Reveals Licensed Bumblebee and Megatron Model Kits

Transformers collectibles news today from Bluefin, a Bandai Namco group company and the leading North American distributor of toys, collectibles, and hobby merchandise from Japan and Asia. The company expands its line of Transformers products with a pair of stunning new model kits from Flame Toys.

Flame Toys’ officially licensed releases of the Bumblebee Furai model kit and the Megatron Furai model kit will add eye catching and unique additions to any ardent fan’s personal collection. Bluefin is the official North American master distributor for Flame Toys.

I personally saw the Optimus Prime model kit from Flame Toys when I attended TF-Con in Burbank, California and it was seriously an amazing looking kit. I’d asked the Bluefin reps how difficult that kit was to build, and they rated it at a high-easy. In the grand world of model kits and how intricate they can get, the Transformers kits are very approachable and I definitely appreciate that.

I think both of these kits are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Flame Toys Bumble Bee Furai Model Kit · MSRP $50.00 · Available Now

The Flame Toys Bumblebee Furai model kit is the 4th release in the company’s line of Transformers Furai model kits. The beloved Autobot hero appears stands 5 inches tall and offers extreme poseability with over 50 points of articulation. The model kit features high levels of detail and simple assembly, making it ideal for beginners, and also an excellent base design for advanced builders to create a custom rendition. Notable accessories include a detachable helicopter engine and rotors. MSRP for the kit is $50.00.

Flame Toys Megatron Furai Model Kit · MSRP $50.00 · Available July 2019

The Flame Toys Megatron Furai model depicts the powerful leader of the Decepticons with a modernized design as seen in IDW’s Transformers comic series. Standing just over 6 inches tall, Megatron features his signature fusion arm cannon and offers exemplary articulation with over 40 moveable joints. Constructed from differently colored ABS plastic injection runner parts and simple a snap-together assembly, the kit is ideally designed for both beginners as well as more advanced builders. The Flame Toys Megatron Furai model kit will debut in July; MSRP for the kit will be $50.00.



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