Bulk and Skull Debut As The Purple and Orange Rangers in Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Expansion Pack

I feel like the idea of a Purple Power Ranger and Orange Power Ranger have been fan fiction conversations for decades now. Even the idea of Bulk and Skull as secret Power Rangers is something I’ve heard in whispers around the playground.

The people at Renegade Games clearly get it.

Available now as an expansion pack to the Heroes of the Grid board game come the Bulk and Skull (Purple and Orange Rangers) characters pack.


Because desperate times call for desperate measures.

Skull’s head is straight up lopsided. That is insanity.

With the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers captured, Zordon has called two very unlikely heroes into action. These two teenagers with even more attitude are Angel Grove’s only hope.

You call buy the Heroes of the Grid board game and check out all products and expansion packs available for it here.


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