Hasbro Releases Promo Images of New Captain America With Motorcycle Figure

While there is no release date for the new Marvel Legends Captain America on a motorcycle figure, Hasbro has released promo images of it, complete with packaging.

Screenshot 2019-06-06 07.23.25.png

I personally think there is a lot of awesome stuff happening with this particular figure. Personally, I’m very much enjoying the whole World War II costume and bike. I love the variant of the packaging (wide) needed to house the bike. Yes, it’s the same packaging as when Marvel Legends houses two figures, but I like the ‘gift set’ look of it– like a Marvel Legends bath set. Okay, back to the toys.


Fans and collectors of Marvel Legends might have seen this bike before, as it’s come in other sets, like the Wolverine one above. However, it’s been given a face lift and “front schmutz” holster for the WWII super hero man.

Toy Wizards will provide more information and ordering details for Captain America and his bike when new details arise.


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