Wave 2 of the Chubby Little Godzilla Vinyl Figures Are Adorably on Their Way Again

Well these stinky, adorable little grrrr faced muffins just can’t stop breaking the internet, can they?


When we first reported on these seemingly out of nowhere Q Edition Taiwanese blind boxes based on the new film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it left fans with a lot of questions. Namely:

‘Are these officially licensed?’ 

‘Can I have them?’

‘Will there be more?’

And the answers to those very fair questions are in fact: Yes. No. Yes!

So, here’s the deal with them. Much like in the Wave 1 article, it seems like it may be difficult to get these toys if you’re not living in Taiwan or China. I maintain my position; just don’t order things off random Chinese websites. As for the Taiwanese sites, it seems you need to have a Taiwanese telephone number in order to sign up for an account, which is fair. But if you’re an adventurous clicker, you can go ahead and check out this retail site and let us know if anything good happens. You know…like these toys actually showing up.

Enough yapping– let’s look at Wave 2!

This wave comes with four Godzilla figures and two King Ghidorah figures in different poses. These King Ghidorah figures were actually teased in the last article, just shadowed out so we couldn’t see their specifics. I actually really like the gold color used! They are all 8CM, so just over 3 inches, and according to the listing seen online, the US dollar equivalent here is still in the $10 dollar range per box, up or down a little. The figures included in this set are:

Grrr faced Ghidorah 

Talking to myself Ghidorah

There’s a tree in my foot Godzilla

Nibble Nibble Choo Choo Train Godzilla

Gonna blast you Godzilla

Stinky mad face tranquilizer dart Godzilla

Those are the official name for all the poses.

Totally true, big dawg. Totally true.


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