Super7 is Preparing to Open Preorders on New Ren and Stimpy Toy Line

We first heard about Super7’s upcoming Ren and Stimpy line in an announcement from Toy Fair 2019. Now, not only do we get a first peek of the figures Super7 is releasing of the infamous 90s grossout duo (though yes, they have Beavis and Butthead toys on their way too), but preorders are opening next week as well!

While Super7 didn’t announce a price point (we’d guess $15-$20) or a sizing scale (we’d guess 4-6 inches), that doesn’t make these pieces any less on point. Super7 nailed the style and aesthetic Ren and Stimpy is known for, and we’re very much excited to get these on our shelves.

From Super7’s Instagram:

“Happy Happy! Joy Joy!” Pre-Order launching next Monday (6/10): Ren & Stimpy are joining Super7’s Deluxe 7″ Figures family! Ren Höek and Stimpy J. Cat will be available individually and will come with an assortment of hilarious accessories and deluxe packaging. The pre-order will be open from 6/10 until 6/30 online in the Super7 pre-order store. “You eedddiottt!!!” We will see you a week from today! 


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