Toy Wizards Review: NewAge Legendary Heroes 02G Target Warrior Capoeira



NewAge is just cranking the new releases out monthly at this point. Following up on one of the most anticipated releases Legendary Heroes Manero, the small third party company can now make use of the mold it created for various repaints and retools that the original toy saw during it’s Generation 1 run. That means the gold and black Japanese exclusive Targetmaster character Stepper from 1987 gets his day to shine as a new legends scaled offering! Today we’re looking at NewAge Legendary Heroes Target Warrior Capoeira, available now at The Chosen Prime for $34.99!



I’m not going to repeat everything that was stated in my initial review for the G1 Jazz version of this mold. Just to reiterate, this is without question the best Jazz head sculpt I have seen since the original Takara Car Robot from the Diaclone line. NewAge has managed to create a fantastic body shape and get an animation accurate look all in a package that stands 7.8cm. What would have been nice is if there was an ability to have the door wings on this character deco not seen on their Jazz since this character never showed up in animated canon and only in toy form.




The only major change in this release from Manero is the paint deco. NewAge really nailed the Stepper deco in every way. The original toy was once a Holy Grail Japanese exclusive featuring a black, white, and gold color scheme as well as flame decals for the hood and side panels. All of these elements are present on Capoeira and every one of them are tampographed and painted on details. All cleanly and crisply applied. A very impressive feat when you look closely at fine details like the very tiny gold face with amber visor.



Capoeira exhibits the same hyper articulation given to previous NewAge releases. We have ball neck, ball shoulders, butterfly joint at the shoulders, hinge and ball elbows, wrist swivel, ab crunch, waist swivel, ball hips, thigh swivel, double knees, and a unique ankle that still manages to have a rocker function. He’s incredibly dynamic and posable.



NewAge only included one small accessory with this release. His signature blaster modeled after the G1 toy in flat gold. A little disappointing as I would have liked to have seen this weapon painted in the same metallic gold featured on the figure. This character’s original G1 toy release was also a Targetmaster and was released with a small robot Nebulon who very simply transformed into a weapon for Stepper. It would have been a wonderful addition for this release, but all that additional tooling just wasn’t in the cards. Be sure to check out photos I took of Capoeira with a Hasbro Transformers Siege Weaponizer Firedrive to simulate this accessory.



Alternate Mode

As I’ve said in the previous review, this is an incredibly nice looking Porsche mold. Capoeira’s transformation sequence is not unlike the original G1 toy. The head tucks in through the chest as it flips up. Arms fold underneath and the legs collapse to make up the rear and side panels of the vehicle. What you are left with is a wonderfully compact and clean alt mode. Something the size of a Hot Wheel and just as accurate in its likeness. Right down to the spoked wheels.


We’re seeing a wide range in price points in the field of legends scaled collectible third party toys right now. The scale is becoming increasingly popular and many companies are dipping their toes in the pool. NewAge has kept their product in the $20-$30 for each release/repaint/retool they have offered thus far. I paid $28.99 shipped for Capoeira. It’s my understanding that this release and the Shockwave release also utilizing this mold are more limited releases. Prices are already starting to increase on this one as online inventory is starting to sell down. This company has now set the standard for what the legends scale market can offer. For the price of a current Hasbro Voyager Class figure, you are getting a product that is much smaller of course, but far outshines that in terms of quality, construction, paint, and playability.



5/5 Wizard’s Stars

I cannot wait for each new release from this company. The Alternators homage Shockwave from this mold is shipping right now. Ironhide and Ratchet are on the horizon. Smokescreen, Silverstreak, and Bluestreak are slated for June 2019. Let’s not forget the amazing Megatron they have planned. NewAge is on a fast track to give us a full roster of bots in an amazingly short time. If they can keep this up at this level of consistency and polish, this could be one of the greatest Transformers toy lines ever.

Enjoy the full gallery for Capoeira below!



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