Kotobukiya Makes an Asuka Langley Statue That Is Screen Accurate (And Not Sleazy)

Do you remember Neon Genesis Evangelion? The mid-90s anime mecha show about underage girls dressed as nurses, in bikinis, and bending over for your pleasure?

No– because that didn’t happen.

Evangelion is a giant robot mecha drama that truly revolutionized the genre by focusing on the teenagers. While the show had some of the most amazing robots of all time and utilized them…uniquely at times…there’s no discounting that the human characters were quite memorable as well.

In many…many ways.

Hospital scene.

While I’m personally fatigued by the number of statues I see compromising the teenage female characters, I understand that they are beautifully designed. So when I see statues of the fiery Asuka Langley (half German and half Japanese, you know) wearing her plug suit with a soft smile on her face, I can’t help but say this. This is the sort of product we should be seeing of this teenage girl, and just in time for the show’s 25th Anniversary, Kotobukiya nails it.


Wearing her famous scarlet plugsuit, she’s seated on a base that looks like an EVA unit’s head! Her hair has been made from a translucent plastic which is then given a light application of paint, which gives it a glowing, realistic appearance. Masterfully sculpted by Tsukuru Shirahige, Asuka is about 22cm tall. She has an MSRP of $72 and can be preordered from HobbyLink Japan today. She will be released November, 2019.

But if you are craving a something a little more bawdy, there’s another new Asuka figure on the block. This time, the depiction is from the new You Shall Not Advance series. And it definitely has that…fan service look to it.


But hey…at least she’s wearing the plug suit?

Small victories.


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