Mega Construx Releases First Look at New Probuilder MOTU Battle Bones Set

It’s only a glimpse, and we have zero details such as release date or price, but Mega Construx (owned by Mattel) has released the first image of the new Probuilder MOTU Battle Bones set.


This new set joins the MOTU Wind Raider set that is readily available at Walmart ($19.99), and the Mega Construx pro builder Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull that’s coming out next month (the one that has 3,000 pieces and costs $249.99).



One consistent piece of fan/consumer feedback that we read about the MOTU Mega Construx kits is the reuse of the mini figs. They have been released in a set. They have been release separately. They have been released in these kits. And now with the new Battle Bones set, fans are (rightfully) commenting that this will be the third release of some of these figures.


But who gives a flop, I’m going to buy them anyway.


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