Super7 Teases New Transformers Toys Are Coming Soon

“Coming Soon…”

This is all incredible toy maker Super7 had to say. But with those words, a small teaser video was left on their Instagram. It was enough to let us know that something amazing is on its way…

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Oh, that sound is enough to send delicious chills up and down your spine. What is most exciting about this is the fact that Super7 specializes in pretty affordable action figures. This won’t be the first of Transformers we see from Super7– they showed off a stylized Optimus Prime and Megatron at Toy Fair, which I got to see in person at TF-Con in Burbank, California.


They were pretty charming toys and were in a cool direction for their price point, but weren’t turbo by any means. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! But with their ReAction line, vintage, and made for TV goodness that Super7 has brought to the Masters of the Universe line, there’s no way they won’t do exciting things for Transformers.


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