PCS Collectibles Gets Ready To Ship Life-Sized MMPR Red Ranger Bust

Buddying up alongside the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Megazord letter opener that popped into Game Stop stores last week comes another piece that some fans may not have been aware of.

Granted, this item is premium, extremely expensive, and likely limited to 200 pieces worldwide.

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Likely announced last year and getting ready to ship now is PCS Collectibles’ life sized MMPR Red Ranger art bust. This (not so little) number has an MSRPP of $899.99, is 24″ tall, and 17″ wide. If you missed your chance to snag one, they’re still available from Sideshow Collectibles, assuming this high-end art piece is something you desire in your collection. The MMPR White Ranger bust is still available in limited quantities from Sideshow as well for $1,000.


While I definitely admire these pieces from an artistic standpoint, I’m very curious to know who in the Power Rangers toy community shells out for them. If I was one of the actors, I would certainly have one of these as a commemorative piece. It would be a stunning piece in a Power Rangers toy room vis-a-vis museum style. Even if among the beauty, there is a little bit of an ‘uncanny valley’ feel to it.

But this does mean one exciting thing– in addition to the announced toys from Hasbro that we see in press releases and amazing toy news sites like ours (Lightning Collection Wave 2, we have our eyes on you) there will continue to be subtle and new Saban era and secret Hasbro products sneaking onto shelves.

You sexy, sexy letter opener, you….


“It’s Morphin’ Time!” 

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers burst onto television screens in 1993 and the show was an immediate cultural phenomenon. 

Using footage from the popular Super Sentai series that had already been running for years in Japan, MMPR was for many American kids their first look at a group of spandex clad teenagers battling giant monsters in a sea of smoke and explosion effects. 

The shows success led to the adaptation of subsequent seasons of the Sentai, which featured a new team of heroes each year. No matter the makeup of the team the show always featured a leader who was the embodiment of heroism and bravery…the Mighty Red Ranger. 

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles pays tribute to that first noble Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, in our next Life-Size Bust. 

Featuring a faithful recreation of the Season 1 Red Ranger helmet and a fabric costume that offers a distinct textural contrast and gives the whole piece an incredible authenticity found in few collectibles today. 

The Pop Culture Shock Exclusive Red Ranger bust stands an impressive 25” tall and features an LED light-up Power Morpher base and signed certificate of authenticity and is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide!


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