Re-Ment Creates Moomin Valley Terrarium Gashapon

It’s just so heart warming and amazing that new Moomins toys are still on the market. But for international fans, this is no surprise. Just as popular as Peanuts and Snoopy, The Moomins is one of those timeless franchises along with Raggedy Ann and other gentle, classic characters that have been and will be around for generations to come.

Moomins, for the uninitiated, was a series of comic strips (later bound into books) by Swedish speaking Finnish creator Tove Jannson. The Moomins are sort of sweet cartoon hippos with two small human characters hanging around them. Years later, an anime was created and that’s when I personally became familiar with the franchise. As a kid who lived in Israel from 1994-1997 (and received television channels from all over the world at that time), I’ve seen Moomins in English, Hebrew, Japanese, German, and probably other languages that I couldn’t at the time identify. There’s even a Moomin World in Finland! (Hey, Snoopy still hangs out at Knott’s Berry Farm, right?)


Coming in August, 2019 is a brand new set of blind box gashapon from Japan, meaning that they are small. You can preorder the entire set of six right now from HobbyLink Japan, and honestly, these are just so beautiful. Not only are the little bottles and pitchers that these toys come in just so classy and lovely, but the adorable little scenes inside take me right back to the old anime and visual aesthetic.

If you don’t have any Moomins merchandise, this would be such a great place to start. I’ve always had a soft spot for Little Mai and her schpitzy little red sprout and cranky little face. It makes me so very happy to see these characters alive and well.

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