ToyWorld’s Fully Transformable Optimus Prime From ‘Bumblebee’ Movie is Coming Soon

First look prototype images have appeared of ToyWorld’s new Optimus Prime figure, based off his depiction from last year’s Bumblebee movie. Judging by what we can tell, it looks like the 3D assets were delivered over to ToyWorld, because this figure is incredibly detailed and amazing looking.

There’s no price point or even teased release date at this point. Likely, depending on the materials used and intricacies of the paint, this lovely could run anywhere from $80-$150. It’s unsure whether this is more in the art/collectible direction, or closer to a Hasbro toy, but obviously, that affect pricing.

We will report more about ToyWorld’s Optimus Prime, Bumblebee movie edition as new details surface.


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