Megadeth Mascot Vic Rattlehead Figure From NECA Toys Will Be Shipped to Stores Soon

Okay, fine– we admit it. Toy Wizards missed reporting on the announcement of the Vic Rattlehead figure from NECA Toy by like, a minute. This sexy little number showed up on the internet in early December, 2018 and we didn’t go into beta until like…three weeks later.



But now, NECA Toys let fans know that the long-awaited action figure based off Megadeth’s mascot, Vic Rattlehead, will be shipping in June, 2019!

Part of the reason this figure is so exciting is because it makes room in the collectors’ market for NECA to compete with Super7 for Metal Mascot supremacy! We’ve written about the metal mascots and toys that we wanted Super7 to make (who have done with with their Slayer, King Diamond, Iron Maiden, and Misfit toys), but now seeing how awesome this Vic Rattlehead looks, we know there are contenders raising their swords on the battlefield.


First company to make me a Hector from Hammerfall first gets eternal press, articles written about them, and fawning forever, please and thank you.

From NECA Toys’ Official Instagram:

With packaging based off of the Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? cover, the 8″ Clothed action figure of #Megadethmascot Vic Rattlehead will be shipping out in June!


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