Takara Tomy Reveals Masterpiece MP-46 Beast Wars: Transformers Blackarachnia Figure

We first got to see the MP-46 Blackarachnia at Wonderfest as a unpainted prototype. Writers note: Blackarachnia is one of my most favorite characters from Beast Wars and this is an incredible tribute in both form and function to that animation.

Wonderfest February 2019

Now that she is painted, this is stunning. The first look at paint is beyond Cheetor and Optimus Primal, but nothing is as nice at that sweet, sweet MP Megatron. Thanks again to Dengeki Hobby for the pictures from 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show.

At the time it was originally shown off, we did not yet have a price on the figure. However, the size and scale would make it cheaper than Megatron, and more than a Shadow Panther. Big Bad Toy Store now has this item available for preorder for $139.99, so my guess on the price point was correct. Anticipated shipping date is November, 2019. The Beast Wars Masterpiece figures have really got me excited to collect them all in this series.

MP-46 Blackarachnia
Manufacture: Takara Tomy
Price $139.99
Release date 11-2019


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