Web-Exclusive King Piccolo S.H. Figurarts Is Available For Preorder

Allow me a strange comparison for a moment, if you will.

You know the theory that home media formats only take off when the porn industry attaches to it, and therefore said format becomes the most popular one?

That’s how I feel about Dragon Ball Z and its merchandise.

From its start in the late 80s, Dragon Ball and its various franchises have become one of the most popular and successful franchises in the world. And with that long history, there has been tons of merchandise available on the market. From the earliest of video games (Dragon Power) and action figures, to the bootlegs, and beyond, we have seen the evolution (Haha, remember Dragon Ball: Evolution? Gross) from wonky to marvelous.

The newest video games and toys are proof of that.

Sure, some of you out there might be thinking ‘How many DBZ figures do we need? If you have one Goku or Piccolo, don’t you have them all?’

Well, no! Not when Bandai is releasing amazing looking web exclusives like this Limited Edition King Piccolo with awesome interchangeable crazy cartoon faces!

dragon-ball-king-piccolo-limited-edition-sh-figuarts- (2)

It’s also the amazing toy photography, that’s how they get you. I’ve been seduced like this a million times before; once I see the toys in action, recreating a scene that could be directly from the source material, I know this is a world I want to live in and never escape.

dragon-ball-king-piccolo-limited-edition-sh-figuarts- (5).jpg

King Piccolo will be released in October, 2019. He stands 19cm tall, which is 7.5 inches. This is considerably bigger than many S.H. Figurarts pieces, but we all know that Piccolo is just a bigger character. It’s nice to see that translated into the toys. He has an MSRP of about $80 depending on which retail outlet you choose to procure him from. If you say to yourself, ‘But I collected all of the DBZ characters in the early 2000s!’ now might be a great time to consider updating them!

May he rest in peace

Because otherwise…



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