Max Factory Macross Nose Collection Has Been Announced

Macross Nose Collections including the aircraft YF-29, VF-31C, VF-25F, VF-31J all 1/20 scale with a Macross Idol or (main character included) have been announced. No price has been unveiled for these quite yet. Covering Macross Frontier and Macross Delta, they show off what I can assume the first wave of nine. Freyja Wion, Mikumo Guynemer, Makina Nakajima, Reina Prowler, Kaname Buccaneer, Sheryl Nome,Ranka Lee, and non idols Klan Klang, Mirage Farina Jenius, and Hayate Immelman. This is an interesting product idea coming forth from Max factory and we shall see how the public responds to them. 

Minimum Factory
Manufacture: Max Factory
Price ?
Release date ?

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