Lord Zedd ‘Power Rangers Lightning Collection’ Figure Gets Delayed (Again) at GameStop

‘What is this Toy Wizard lunatic talking about?’ you may be thinking to yourself. ‘The Power Rangers Lightning Collection action figures from Hasbro have been released to stores. There’s no remaining issues or debacles with them. This chick is just looking for something to write about! There’s no Power Rangers toy news!’ 

Honestly, I wish that were the case.

As you may recall, the Power Rangers Lightning Collection was the first set of toys announced by Hasbro once they purchased the Power Rangers license from Saban. From there, fans waited patiently and many of us (raises hand) counted down the days until that first wave of four (MMPR White Ranger, Lord Zedd, Dino Charge Red, and SPD Shadow Ranger) were set to hit the stores. Lest not we forget about the GameStop exclusive Goldar. For the longest time, that release date was set as April 21st, 2019. But as we know from experience, the date was spontaneously changed by Hasbro to April 22nd, 2019.

And then May 1st, 2019.

Then the ‘first week of May’ ala Amazon.

And now, May 25th, 2019 because GameStop said so.

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However, there is a small part two here, or perhaps a part one and a half. While we are seeing the Power Rangers Lightning Collection action figures in stores (and we even reviewed two of them for Toy Wizards: Dino Charge Red and Lord Zedd, check them out here!), there are many of us out there who still can’t find a Lord Zedd.

Which is the one that many of us really want.

Come on– it’s Lord Zedd!


Admittedly, I did not preorder this figure on time. That’s my own fault as a fan. By the time I realized I had to act fast, the figure was sold out on Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, Target, and GameStop. And while many fans were able to simply pluck their action figure off the hook at a brick and mortar shop, many of us haven’t been that lucky. There’s even statistics going around that there might even be one Lord Zedd in a case for every two of every other character.

With sadness and shame, I realized that getting my Lord Zedd action figure might involve a battle that I forgot to sharpen my sword for. My anvil wasn’t ready for pounding. My hammer was on sabbatical.

Anyone out there with me still waiting to find their Lord Zedd figure?

But alas– there’s a light at the end of the chrome laden staff and muscle bound monster; if the release date for Lord Zedd really is May 25th, 2019 as stated on the GameStop website, perhaps this is a silver lining. Will a new wave of Lord Zedd figures start showing up in stores? One can only hope, but it means there’s still time to arise, wipe the mud off our faces, look that monster in the eye, and return to the collector’s battlefield swinging.

Lord Zedd would be proud.

Note: Power Rangers actor Robert Axelrod is experiencing health complications from back surgery last year. If you’re a life long fan of his career and the life he brought to Lord Zedd and Finster, please consider donating to his recovery fund.




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