Bandai and Games Workshop Bring Gamers The Most Epic Team-Up of the Year

In the future…there is only War…

And soon, Action Figures.


Bandai is working with Games Workshop to make my most requested wish in decades come true. Presenting a fully painted, 7-inch-tall Primaris Space Marine, featuring multiple points of articulation, exchangeable weapons, and lots of details.

Commence sighs of happiness.

Now, the wording is a bit strange in their description; we have not really seen these things in person. Therefore, we don’t know if these are full action figures or pre-painted model kits. That said, even if they are pre-painted model kits, they are kits and that means a lot of customization will happen. In the Games Workshop world, 40% of that hobby is customization– see what I did there?! 40%, Warhammer 40,000…eh? Eh?!?!?!

Okay, never mind.

Let me put this in video game terms:

These guys can beat up Master Chief .


Bandai worked with the legendary game designer Jes Goodwin, the godfather of Space Marines, on this Mark X Tacticus armor (to make sure it was up to spec). As a decades old veteran of Warhammer 40,000, like we are talking Rouge Trader here. This is really as accurate as it can be.

Could there be more? Of course! But that is what hobby tools are for, and oh my god, will there be so much work done on these. It could surpass Gundam with the amount of different armor and variants that can be made. Not to mention, this is just the first step into a giant world of 40K. There is more than just Space Marines that they could start doing– not to mention a chapter is 1000 Space Marines with a 1000 or so chapters. That’s a million or so guys to work on!

So get those hobby knives sharp.


Along with the incredible Space Marine that was announced, we also got a new step in the Warhammer 40,000 universe with a Japanese twist. 2″ blind bag Chibi (or cute styled figures) based on heroes of the Warhammer 40,000 universe: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor,  Eversor Assassin,  Sister of Battle,  Skitarii Ranger and a Space Marine.

It’s crazy to see these properties coming out to the main market place…but it is also about time.


GW has had a very controlling hand on their IP, and high costs for licencing their items. This means you pay a lot for what you get. A single 2″ hero miniature spruce of grey plastic can cost as much as a Gundam with multiple color spruces. I would think this single 7″ space marine will be less than a main hero blister by GW, and that is a game changer. I want to play small skirmish games with these 7″ figures…and soon we can.

It is an incredible world we live in.

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