Takara Tomy Announces New Diaclone Mecha and Robot Figures

More great news from the 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show we are getting even more Diaclone toys. What’s new we saw the new line called Trivers with two Tridashger’s, and some new Waruders.

But what is Diaclone?

Diaclone was the original series of toys that bought us both Micronauts and Transformers. If you where old enough (like me) you had Transformers that had little guys and other robot mecha that had little guys with magnetic feet. Those where the Diaclone pilots. As Transformers started to come out, I would think as a kid “I am getting ripped off! Where are my little guys to come with the Transfomers?!” I still think to this day that was a mistake on Hasbro’s part not making small figures to go with the cars.

Fast forward decades and we have Diaclone Reboot line. These all have lots of mecha with tiny little pilots to fight the evil Waruder. They showed off several new mecha with lots of new possibilities and new Waruder suits as well. If you are not into this series yet, you still have some time and a lot to buy. The quality and decos are top notch and so much possibility and combinations you can have with the series. More info as we get it for now check out this gallery. 

Manufacture: Takara Tomy

Price ?
Release date ?

Takara Tomy Diaclone Mecha Gallery:


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