Tiny Toon Adventures & Animaniacs Mini Figure Series Are Out Now From Kidrobot

90s kids have something to celebrate and it comes in the form of our after-school cartoons that look way cooler than when we had them in Happy Meal toy form.

Beep beep! Time for a blast from the past! Kidrobot x Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs Mini Series, Keychains, Enamel Pins & Pinky and The Brain Art Figure are all now available on Kidrobot.com, featuring favorite Saturday morning pals like Babs and Buster, Freakazoid, Yakko, Wakko, Dot and narf… Pinky and The Brain!


Tiny Toon Adventures & Animaniacs Enamel Pin Series by Kidrobot


Tiny Toon Adventures & Animaniacs Keychain Series by Kidrobot


Pinky and The Brain Art Figure by Kidrobot

Not gonna lie…those are all pretty cool.


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