Flame Toys Announces Delays on Two of Their Licensed Transformers Toys

Flame Toys, makers of licensed Transformers products, has announced via social media that two of their products will be delayed.


The first is their [Kuro Kara Kuri] Star Saber Transformers figure. Flame Toys made the following announcement online yesterday:

We are sorry to make this announcement…..

The delivery of [Kuro Kara Kuri] Star Saber will be delayed to July, 2019 due to the extremely complicate production procedures….. We wish you can understand that it is over 680pcs of parts and above thousand of coloring and assembly operations…. We are trying our best to make it as perfect as possible. Please wait a moment and we will send you e-mail after delivery in July.

The second announcement was in regard to their Furai Model Bumblebee toy:


Flame Toys [Furai Model] BumbleBee announcement:

Are you waiting for a long time ? Becasue of some technical problem, we have delayed 1 month. However, It will be delivery soon ! Stay tune and hope you wil enjoy it after getting the final product !

While it’s easy to be mad at the company because you want the toy you preordered (or worse, the window closed before you were able to preorder yours), it’s important to keep in perspective that the reason this is happening is because of Flame Toys’ high quality standards. Consumers and fans will receive the items they ordered and judging from Flame Toys’ past record, these toys will come out. However, a delay is always a disappointment, (really, manufacturing delays are at a high right now) and with toys as beautiful as these, it’s no wonder fans are eager to get them in their hands and display them.


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