Preorders Open for Minimum Factory VF-1 Super/Strike Fighter Valkyrie From Macross

First shown off at Wonderfest this February, this is a follow up to Max Factory’s VF-1 Super / Strike Gerwalk. Both are 1/20 scale. What is 1/20 scale? I’ll tell you now, that is huge. No, huge isn’t even good enough word for this. It is colossal. It is like the size of a small dog but better, as it is house trained.

No Macross shaped puddles here.

For perspective, 1/18 scale is G.I.Joe scale so just a tad smaller than your Joes. Like the Gerwalk before it, this is full of amazing details you would never expect to get in your life. If you told me that there would be such large model kits like this in the future when I was watching Robotech on TV, I would have called you a mad man. Hell, even a couple of years ago, I would not have believed it. To get a massive model kit of this size and scale is amazing.

We are only getting these things because the owner of the company decided to make it a vanity project and Max- thank you so, so very much. I am an avid model builder– and these are not for the weak of hobby blade. Fully assembled this kit is almost 30 inches long and wide with wings fully extended. This is a model kit not an R/C model plane, if you can consider the scale. 

Beyond the basics of this being huge, super detailed, and amazing, this is technically a three-style kit. You have the choices to build it as a straight Valkyrie aircraft, or the Super version with fast pack armor on it, or the movie version Strike Armor Fast pack. I am going with Strike armor all the way. Remember, this is just the Valkyrie version. These model kits do not transform. There is an out of print Gerwalk version and now at Valkyrie version next year or so, we should see the final Battloid version. After that, hopefully other versions or add in kits. It will be very hard to build an army of these giant monsters but I am willing to give it a try. 

If you want to join the club you can still get in on the pre order at Hobby Link Japan. I recommend you get in on it early, as they do tend to sell out and as this is a real limited release they go up on the secondary market. 

Thank You Max!


From the Good Smile Company website: 

The colossal Valkyrie, now in its long-awaited Fighter mode! 

From “Macross: Do You Remember Love?” comes a 1/20th scale (713mm x 719mm) plastic model kit of the strike/super pack equipped VF-1 Valkyrie in Fighter mode! 

The design has been created with ease-of-assembly in mind, allowing anyone to recreate the VF-1. Equip with your choice of the strike pack or the super pack. The wings can be retracted just like in the original design. 

The figure seated in the cockpit, wearing Hikaru Ichijyo’s suit, features the high quality sculpting and colors you’ve come to expect from the minimum factory series, almost like a completed figure. You can choose between A, J, or S types for the head portion protruding from the fuselage, and large stickers are included to recreate Hikaru Ichijyo’s fighter. The parts come pre-fabricated in 5 different colors, so you can have a finished looking model just by assembling the pieces and affixing stickers.

  • [Size]: Approximately 71.3cm long, 71.9cm wide, 36.9cm tall when assembled
  • [Materials]: ABS, PS

PLAMAX MF-37 minimum factory VF-1 Super/Strike Fighter Valkyrie
Manufacture: Max Factory
Price: $332.37 USD
Release date September 2019


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