Time Traveling Toy Dealer ‘Zombie Sailor’ Discovers a Warehouse of Vintage Kenner Batman Toys

Instagram toy dealer Zombie Sailor first came under our radar when he discovered and purchased a huge warehouse full of uncirculated 1986 Masters of the Universe toys from Mattel. We followed the epic journey from discovery, right up through the claim sale online which was nothing short of exciting and truly lots and lots of fun.

But now, Zombie Sailor is at it again with the discovery and purchase of another warehouse lot. And this time, the discovery is boxes and boxes of vintage 1992 Kenner toys from Batman the Animated Series. Zombie Sailor estimates over 1,000 action figures and vehicles are present in this lot. These items will be for sale in the upcoming weeks, so pay attention to his Instagram (which switches from a public to private account near sale time) and see if you can get your hands on these pristine vault items!

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From Zombie Sailor’s Instagram Post:

thar she blows!

Zombie Sailor has done it AGAIN with the TIME TRAVEL

Massive vintage Kenner warehouse find full of factory cases of 


I said there was going to be 500 pieces…well surprise surprise, there are over ONE THOUSAND figures and vehicles in this once in a lifetime find….you read that right, ONE THOUSAND 
Combat Belt Batman ? Pshhh of course, I lost count

Going through everything over the next few days, and these will be up for grabs in about 3 weeks

Stay tuned

There’s no one else out there doing it like good ole’ Zombie Sailor

I think it’s time for the Zombie Sailor @netflix show, they got my number

The signal rose….Zombie Sailor answered the call



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