Renegade Game Studios Reveals New Images of Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board Game


Renegade Game Studios, creators of the new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board Game have some exciting new photos and updates of the awesome new board game. To say this Kickstarter campaign has been successful is an understatement. The game is clearly wanted and needed by fans (having raised over $700,000) and is available for preorder today.

While the preorder link describes the Kickstarter and tiers in detail (with tons of new artwork), it’s the new pictures released that really get us excited. It’s new, tangible, artwork showing off how amazing everything looks and how it will appear when the game is on your tabletop in real time.

For you backers who went all-in with the Morphin Master tier, here’s what you can expect inside your box:

unnamed (3)

Renegade Studios Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Image Gallery:


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