Petio is Making Anime Inspired (Pet) Toys and Apparel

If you head over to HobbyLink Japan right now, you will find something truly adorable. It’s enough to make you smile.

Screenshot 2019-04-30 17.02.29.png

Yes, it’s Vegeta-Cat. The only thing you need to see on the internet today. Article over, let’s go home.


Screenshot 2019-04-30 17.02.17.png

Available for purchase now with an MSRP of $9 and some change are Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z inspired squeaker toys for your pets. You can also snag one of these cat-balls at random for $4.68 if the big ones for $9.21 aren’t your bag.

Screenshot 2019-04-30 17.01.17.png

Or your….Dragon…Ball?

Wait, don’t leave yet!

I know it may seem silly that I’m over here gushing about pet toys. But you have to understand where this OLDtaku is coming from (that’s an aging Otaku, IE, anime fan). Back when I was a teenager, we had almost nothing in the way of anime related or inspired toys. But now, not only can you get a Batman onesie for your baby, you can get a Dragon Ball squeaker toy and costume for your dog! 

The future is a beautiful thing.



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