Premium Bandai is Releasing the Full MAGMAC Corps Box Set

Say you have your Sand Rock Gundam, but you don’t have an army. Bandai is releasing the WMS-03 MAGMAC HGAC 1/144 scale model kit this may. This has been a very in-demand kit for some time. But say you want more one or two isn’t enough. Premium Bandai is also doing a limited MAGMAC Corps box set of 40 kits. That’s right, all 40 of the corps with there different combinations of gear and multiple models.

This would give Rashid, Adbdul, Auda, and Ahmad Customs and 36 count that 36 MAGANAC units. This is the single largest box set of multiple units ever made by Bandai. So this is a great time to stock up or buy them all at one time. There is no preorder date yet on the 40 unit set but the WMS-03 MAGMAC will be available shortly. Get your Sand Rock Gundam ready he finally has his pals.

I foresee a lot of sand dioramas in the model competitions.



Manufacture: BANDAI
Price: $12.99
Release date May 2019

MAGMAC Corps HGAC 1/144
Manufacture: BANDAI
Price: ? yen
Release date 2019


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