Bandai Announces TWO Brand New Sailor Moon Toys

Today in Sailor Moon toy news, we receive TWO delicious announcements! On their way from Bandai are the Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune couples Figurarts Zero piece, and the Chibi Moon SuperS Crisis heart compact proplica!


Calling this beautiful item a status isn’t quite accurate. As you can see in the images, there are two alternating hand poses. Sailor Uranus can hold her sword and rest her hand coolly on her lap, or she can hold hands with her lovely soulmate. Likewise, Sailor Neptune can pose in her trademark sweetly smug one hand on the mirror and the other flipping her hair position that we know so well from the sea goddess.

There is no MSRP available for this stunning piece, nor was I able to find a release date, but we can all drool over its majesty in the meantime.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Figurarts Zero Image Gallery:

Also coming soon is the Chibi Moon SuperS transformation broach proplica. While this is lovely and the sound coming out of it (per the sample video) seems clear, I’m really waiting for some Sailor Starlights merchandise to come. The best part about this toy is that it is recorded with new voice samples from 90s voice actress Araki Kae, and my goodness, she really doesn’t make an effort to try to fix some of her pronunciation issues of yesteryear. But that’s part of the charm, I guess!


The Chibi Moon SuperS Crisis Heart proplica will retail 8,000 yen and be available December, 2019.

Sailor Chibi Moon Crisis Compact Proplica Image Gallery:


SOURCE: Sailor Moon Collectibles

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