Bandai Shows Off Gundam Red Bastard RG Sazabi Special Coating Version

Sazabi is the Porsche of the Gundam world to me. It always looks great and I can never have enough of them. From its first appearance in the fourth Gundam movie Chars Counter Attack, Sazabi has always been the best looking kid on the block for Zion mechs.


The RG or Real Grade kits have MG quality with a really cool inner mech frame at the smaller 1/44 scale. This is actually my personal favorite for display scale, but that’s just my opinion on that. This has special coating I saw on several other kits this year on my pilgrimage to the famous Diver City Tokyo’s Gundam Base.

The special coating versions are not the old chrome we used to have on model kits, but a very nice more realistic metallic look to them. I really liked how they looked on display at Gundam Base and I would always buy a special coating version over regular plastic any day. This looks to be a fantastic kit coming out in August, but prepare your wallets estimated price is 10,800 yen or about $100.00 without shipping costs.

RG 1/144 Sazabi [Special Coating]
1/144 scale assembly type plastic model
Armament: Beam shot rifle, beam tomahawk, beam saber, shield, funnel, missile

Manufacture: BANDAI
Price: 10,800 yen
Release date August 2019


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