Bandai Opens Preorders S.H. Figurarts SS Kamen Rider OOO’s Tatoba Combo Figure

One of my personal favorite Kamen Riders OOO’s is getting a new S.H. Figurarts piece this August. As with all of these figures, there are many posing opportunities. And gauging from the pictures, there are lots improved joints which of course, allows for posability. It really looks smooth and a high detail quality on the line work and paint apps. For the Heisei era Kamen Riders, OOO’s was my first and most favorite rider.

I can’t wait to add this figure to my collection.


Manufacturer: Bandai S.H.Figuarts
Price: 6,480 Yen
Release: August 2019

You can preorder it here with an MSRP of $110, though if you shop around other toy and hobby sites, you might be able to find a price closer than the Japanese yen amount.


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